Wire: The wire material of the Deer and Wildlife fence is 12.

Animal impact loads are spread out and dissipated over the fence.

It is known as veldspan, wire fence, box wire, farm fence and animal fence. .

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Add the total length of the fence line on your map to calculate how much fencing material you’ll be using. <strong>game fence, high game fence, posts, barb wire. class=" fc-falcon">High quality game fencing lasts for decades.


. A preferred net wire fence has 24 inches of woven wire with two strands of barbed wire at 2 and 10 inches above the net wire. Food Plots Shop All.

Y-standards are spaced at 10m intervals and Droppers can be. 005 125 min 960 lb 0.


Fixed-knot significantly reduces installation costs.

Designed to meet all of your fencing demands, SolidLock™ Game Fence is high tensile, high carbon steel with unparalleled strength. The teams combined 25 runs on 29 runs, with the Aggies pulling out the win for a final score of 15-10.

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We carry 8' and 10' game fence along with T-Posts and pipe.
Fixed-knot woven wire fence gives excellent control for animal containment, exclusion, and protection from predators.

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5 gauge high tensile wire which is galvanized with a Class 3 zinc.

Net wire, woven wire, barbed wire, field fence and game fence. The teams combined 25 runs on 29 runs, with the Aggies pulling out the win for a final score of 15-10. GAME FENCE - FIXED KNOT WIRE SPECIFICATIONS Wire Diameter (inch) Tensile (ksi) Minimum Breaking Strength Minimum Zinc Coating Stay Wire 0.

The typical game fence, which is 8′ high, would seem plausible to double the cost. . . . . top of page.

The unique fixed knot tightly holds the vertical and horizontal wire together, and combined with tension curves, provides superior performance.

. 5 ga 330' High Tensile Fixed Knot Cattle Fence.

However, no matter what you call it, game fence.

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5 ga 660' High Tensile Fixed Knot Game Fence wire used for tough and durable for all types of livestock, exclusion fencing.

5 ga.