greetings friends ,Today's Recipe Pomegranate Pistachio turkish delight ,An Authentic Delight or lokum with pistachio , delicious kids favorite fruity chewy.

If you use it hot, your dessert gets soggy.

Go to Recipe. Oil a shallow square metal or silicone baking tray, about 18 x 18cm.



Staying true to original recipes passed down through generations since 1864, this, is the authentic Turkish delight experience. Place the pan over medium heat, and whisk everything together until there are no lumps. You have 0 of this in your trolley.

You can add the pistachio nuts in at this stage or mix with the Turkish Delight cubes at the end.

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. The creamy, buttery smell emanates from each satisfying crunch.

Oil a shallow square metal or silicone baking tray, about 18 x 18cm.


class=" fc-smoke">Feb 26, 2017 · Instructions. Apart from these, there are also different types of delight.

Transfer the lokum mixture on the counter. In this video, I have shown how to make Turkish delight with pomegranate and pistachios.

Homemade Turkish Delights are 100 times tastier than the ones you buy from outside.

pomegranate - 2 pcs.

I know we are only on the Second. Put the sugar in a pan with the cream of tartar and 500ml water and heat gently at first, stirring so that the sugar melts. How to make Turkish delight: simplified.

Bring the mixture to a boil, occasionally stirring. 4. class=" fc-falcon">Jun 24, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Baklavacı Güllüoğlu. . . .


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Gourmet combination of pomegranate and pistachio delights, decorated with crunchy chocolate pieces.

Make sure to adjust this temperature for your kitchen's altitude and observe the pan closely—a clipped candy thermometer will give the most reliable results.


2 tbsp rose syrup.

I know we are only on the Second.